About ME

I have completed 6 Ironman triathlons including IMLake Placid, IMWisconsin, IMFlorida and IMKentucky. I have also placed in my age group and over-all in every triathlon distance from sprint to Half Ironman. Add to this 11 marathons, not including the ones in my Ironman races. 

Most recently, I have begun experimenting with Ultra distance running- exceeding the marathon distance. I have completed two 24 hour running races and placed in the top 3 women in both. I have already completed my first Ultra distance trail run in 2014.

Having participated in numerous races from 5K’s to beyond marathons, these experiences are integrated into coaching my clients to THEIR athletic potential. I unite personal experience and insights with my academic credentials and professional certifications for each athlete I coach and every individual I train. This synthesis empowers my clients to succeed!

A masters degree in Counseling Psychology from the State University of New York at Albany,  with emphasis on addiction(s) has been essential to helping my clients undo the all to common struggle with food as a compulsion and addiction.

I am a Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour Yoga Instructor as it is clear to me that the physical and psychological benefits are the perfect adjunct to ALL healthy lifestyles.  Yoga is about becoming present to yourself and life as it is occurring and learning practices that keep you capable of being grounded and awakened, especially when it’s not easy.  It’s simple really, we win if we can fully and joyfully experience the moments of our lives without having to check out or numb up.  I integrate the physical asanas and the philosophy of yoga in all my work with clients including individual training sessions and my food coaching.

As a certified Healthexcel Metabolic Typing Counselor I identify the specific differences in the nutritional requirements for your body. Bringing the technology and knowledge of metabolic typing to my clients is another tool for achieving their weight and sport performance goals.

I hold a health Fitness Specialist certification from the American College of Sports Medicine.  Rest assured I been educated in the proper techniques and education for safe and effective program design for all training clients.

I am a USAT certified triathlon coach. This enables me to guide triathletes and runners in programming, technique, sport psychology and general sport nutrition so as to insure optimal race performance. These fields of study are ever changing, staying up to date on current training protocols is as mandatory for my athletic accomplishments as it is for my clients.