Fitness Coaching

Many people desire help achieving their fitness goals but do not have the time or interest in one to one weekly sessions. For this reason I have created my Fitness Coaching Program.

This process starts with an in-depth interview to get a picture of your daily life, your current fitness habits, eating habits, work and family life. We then determine current baselines for hydration level, muscle mass, body fat and girth measurements. I calculate your target goals for these measures based on health and fitness standards.  I conduct a movement analysis with simple basic functional movements. This brings into focus any imbalances and weaknessesin your muscular-skeletal system and provides me with the information I need to design your body workout routine. 

We follow up the assessment session with a minimum of 2 programming sessions. In the programming sessions, I will provide you a chart of your weekly exercise including cardiovascular, muscular and flexibility components.  I also teach you the specific exercises/body routines I have designed for you.

Once you have your program, you can perform it at any local gym, at home or at my studio. We will have determined this in the assessment and programming sessions. You follow the program for 6 weeks and then come back for scheduled upgrade sessions so that your program continues to challenge your body and get you the results we targeted in the assessment session while avoiding plateaus. 

Package price includes:

  • One-hour assessment including a body mechanics analysis to determine limited motility, stability, strength and flexibility; design of personalized body routine;
  • A second one-hour session to teach the workout routine.

fitness Assessment package: $250


I will contact you via email to schedule your sessions.

Tracking and On-going Programming Sessions

After the assessment and initial program has been taught, success includes on-going accountability, tracking and updating of the program. The frequency and number of these sessions varies by the client and is determined together in the initial programming session.