Featured in an article in the Times Union!

I had the honor of being featured in Albany's Times Union on Wednesday, November 5th, 2014. Here is a snippet from Jennifer Gish's excellent article:

"If there's anything you learn pushing your legs through 14 marathons, six Ironman triathlons and three ultramarathons, it's that you have to deal with your brain.

Judy Torel didn't have to log nearly 86 miles in Florida during the Save The Daylight 24, a 24-hour ultramarathon, last weekend and win the 50-plus masters division to discover that. She has been teaching it to people through her personal fitness and counseling business, Judy Torel's Counseling and Training Studio in Albany, and living it through her own races for a long time. And she discovered how the mind influences the body and the body impacts the mind as a 16-year-old who came home from school and escaped her family's own mental health struggles and stress by taking to the Pine Bush trails for a run, settling into the rhythm of each breath until she would get the next mile under her feet."