Workout Accessories!

Supposedly, the number of days of summer is equal to the number of days of winter. But somehow - to me anyway - it always seems as if the summer goes by SO MUCH QUICKER. And here we are, in September again.

The hours of daylight are considerably shorter, so if you were working out before or after work during the summer, it is now dark at those hours. If you were enjoying the balmy warm temperatures when heading out the door for a workout, you now have to consider what over-layer to wear - at least to start your workout. And in a few short weeks, once again, many of us will be returning to indoor workouts, almost exclusively.

Fortunately there are some new (and some old but recycled) accessories that can help to make the transition to indoor activities more palatable and effective. Below are three that I have either used personally or been informed by my clients and close circle of workout partners that they make indoor workouts better.