Nutritional Coaching:

With 30 years of experience helping clients get their weight under control, I have learned both the science and the art of weight change. My high rate of success stems from this balanced approach. With 21st century technology, there are no limits to where and when I help you via TEXT, email, SKYPE etc...

Thru measuring metabolic rate, assessing metabolic type and daily personal contact with me- YOUR goals really can come true. 

Stage One:

With your initial assessment session you’ll meet my Korr metabolic machine, which empirically measures how many calories you are currently burning.  Many people dive into a daily caloric intake that is too low which simply triggers the body to metabolically adapt by slowing down.  One may see short term weight loss but long term maintenance cannot occur from such a metabolic shift, which is why most people regain their initially lost weight.  Of course many people are just eating too much but don’t realize it.  By literally measuring it, we will know exactly what your daily caloric burn rate is and from there accurately target the amount of intake that results in sustainable short and long term weight loss. Don’t mess around with online calculators, trust your metabolism to realtime measurement!

In the assessment session we also determine your metabolic type which means we will nail down the ratio of protein/carbs/fat that is the optimal mix for your body type. Some people will do well on a plant based low protein eating plan and some bodies do much better following a high animal protein and plant based carbohydrate plan. We will assess your type and determine what mix is optimal for you.

In the assessment session we will also measure your hydration level, muscle mass, body fat percent and other indices so we can set healthy goals and track our progress.

Assessment sessions are an hour long and you will leave with general guidelines to start your weight loss program and I will have the data needed to best help you. The assessment session generally requires a second session in order to complete the meal planning and more specifics of the eating plan.

Package price includes:

  • Determination of metabolic rate and type,
  • Determination of body composition
  • Qualitative information on daily habits
  • Design of personalized eating plan
  • A second one-hour session to teach the eating plan.


Nutritional coaching Package


I will contact you via email to schedule your sessions-

Stage Two:


After the assessment and programming session the most important component that guarantees success is my helping you adhere to the plan.  Most of my clients come to me stating that they know what to do, but can’t get themselves to do it. Food coaching is my answer to adherence!  


It takes a minimum of 3 months before new behaviors become solidified in the structures of ones brain. Most people abandon a new pattern within 3 weeks which is why initial levels of help is literally imperative to success. I have a 100% success rate with my food coaching program!  Most participants lose between 6 and 15 pounds within the 1st month of the coaching program.  After the first month clients can decide to continue on their own or repeat another month based on how successful we have been at setting up new “go to” meals and new behaviors and thinking. 


Food is no longer a drug of choice to calm down and relax from the day’s challenges. Food coaching involves daily emails of your intake using Lose It, a free app/website.  I respond daily with guidance on portion adjustments, alternative foods/brands, tweaking of ratio of protein/carbs/fat, and other feedback so that by the end of the month you’ll have a handle on what to eat, how much, and how to put together quick, easy, tasty and nutritious meals.

 My guidelines are focused on real, whole, minimally processed foods that are readily available in our local grocery stores and health food stores. It calls for minimizing refined carbs of all types and elimination of refined sugars- your body will thank me!


The month of coaching is the next step from the assessment and meal planning package - but can also be bought independently.


One month of food coaching: $200

I will contact you via email to schedule your sessions.