Triathlon/Run Coaching


If you are driven to participate in triathlon racing events or distance running and are looking for a coaching relationship, I am a USAT certified coach with extensive personal experience with short and long course racing in both triathlon and running (ABOUT ME). 

My coaching program involves providing you with weekly, specific and individually designed workouts .  You log in each day and we have unlimited email and internet contact throughout the entire process leading up to your race.


Monthly coaching: $250 (must be purchased as a monthly subscription but can be cancelled at any time)

I will receive email alert of your purchase and will contact you with a coaching intake form and directions for how to begin the coaching relationship.


I also offer individual sessions addressing specific topics of interest to athletes who may be following an online program or other option but who is looking for additional attention in areas such as sport nutrition, functional training routines for injury prevention and technique improvement, recovery and injury prevention/management guidelines, etc. These can be conducted in person in my office or remotely via facetime or Skype.

Individual coaching sessions: $100

I will receive an email alert of your purchase and will contact you via email to schedule your session(s).