I am sending this email to express my gratitude for your role in helping to change my life!! Meeting you
and being introduced to your expertise has changed my life exponentially!!

Since starting your program in February, I have lost weight, gained muscle, and my mindset is so freaking positive!! I figure out the best time to get my workouts in. I make sure I don’t overwork so that I can hit the right time of day to eat my meals. I have so much energy, there are days I don’t know what to do with all of it!

Thank you for changing my life for the better!! Thank you for making each day amazing!! I love you!!
— Stephanie C.
It was a pretty awesome day!! I had one of those ear to ear grins for most of it! So happy I chose Judy Torel to coach me! She had the hard work. I just had to follow directions!! I’ll be eternally grateful!!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!
— Christine W. (day after completing her first Ironman!)
Judy Torel, YOU are a life changer! I’m eternally grateful for your guidance, wealth of knowledge & support. Helping me (and I’m sure others) push through adversity & achieve goals I thought were unattainable! ❤️
— Rachel H.
Thank you so much Judy. It is a gift and a blessing to have your support, knowledge and encouragement too. I have encountered so few people in your field with your candor, deep knowledge and experience, and realistic and achievable approach. I am beyond my melt-down, and eager to stay in the day!
— Kathy V.
Just an update. I have lost 16lbs and my blood work was so amazing my Doctor wanted your name to share with her other patients!!
— Barb D.
Ladies, if you are pre or post menopausal, just not feeling your best, currently taking medication that leaves you feeling WORSE than the ailment it was prescribed for, and want a realistic, no nonsense approach with REAL RESULTS to look and feel your best again, save your copays and go see Judy!
— Melanie P.
Love, love, love this program!! Your personal support and individual attention is amazing! I highly valued the coaching and practical examples for real life. Enjoyed and learned a lot about clean eating and how to incorporate it into meal planning without feeling deprived. Leaving the program feeling like these are truly lifestyle changes that can be maintained for the long term!
(Menopause & Weight Loss program participant)
— Sharon T.
Judy, thank you for getting me back on track with eating. I feel healthier than I have in a long time! I am really impressed with the comprehensiveness and intelligence of your program!
(Menopause & Weight Loss program participant)
— Kathy T.
Weight is down! Water is up! Lean muscle is up! So where is the fat? Gone Girl Gone!!! Almost everyone I know or have conversed with who is about my age is having the same weight gain issues with
fat concentrating in the middle – and I am now at a new low!!! Haven’t seen this weight since 2005.
(Menopause & Weight Loss program participant)
— Rita G.
Thanks Judy,
This has been a great journey.  I had almost resigned myself to the weight I was at - or even weighing more. “Gee I am just getting older,” until I went to your class almost a year ago.  Boy what a difference - not just my appearance but the way I feel. It is amazing and although my path has not been perfect what a huge difference it has made!!
— Linda E.
You certainly understand the issues facing meno/peri-menopausal women and you take a very complex issue and make it understandable!
(Menopause & Weight Loss program participant)
— Dianna R.
Judy doesn’t just talk the talk. She is a very accomplished athlete and fitness enthusiast. She has completed 7 IRONMAN races herself, certified in yoga, completes in Ultra distance races ( 24 hours!) and uses her experiences to help motivate men and women of all ages and fitness abilities to succeed. She is inspirational and one of those individuals that you feel so positive around and believe you can achieve your goals. Working with Judy has not just been a positive athletic endeavor, but has truly impacted all aspects of my life for the better.
(coached athlete)
— Mike R.
One year ago today we met to get me started on my eating plan. And we started formal athlete coaching 6 months later to prepare for my target races. It has completely changed my life. I’ve learned so much & am healthier, happier & THINNER than I have EVER been. Best of all I feel fantastic! Today I am almost 40 lbs lighter (39.2 as of this morning) than at our initial meeting. According to my Escali scale, 26.6% body fat vs the 39.7% I started at. I am completing races with PRs this year too! This is an amazing journey that I intend to continue to see what is possible. I feel so blessed & really can’t thank you enough!!!
(coached athlete)
— Rachel H.
Judy made the difference in my life! Along with my decision to change my life for a healthier one. In my opinion you will not find a more passionate, personable and knowledgeable trainer than Judy Torel, Judy can and will make the difference in your life. If you’re ready to make the change!! Give it a try!! You have nothing to lose but the weight!
— Tom H.
Since I began working with Judy, I have lost weight, inches, body fat and have noticed that when coping with successes and challenges in my life, my workouts help me to remain focused. In addition, when I make unhealthy food choices, I take responsibility for my choices and promptly get back on track. Judy’s expertise in fitness, nutrition, and psychology has assisted me in addressing the barriers that keep me from achieving my goals. I am committed to taking care of myself on all levels - physical, emotional, and spiritual. Judy has been and remains an intricate part of that process. I highly recommend that people “sign on” with Judy Torel. My connection with Judy coupled with my commitment to health and wellness, has made a world of difference in my life.
— Carolyn M.
I just left your studio and I am literally shaking- my muscles have worked so much. Back in ’06, I started at Gold’s I was out of shape and 160 lbs over weight. I had a free training session and I liked it, I saw and felt results. My legs would be so sore I would have difficulty climbing stairs. Well, I have kept most of the weight off, but as you know I didn’t feel as good as I have in the past. I am proactive and took classes regularly and at some point starting training again because I wanted results. Nothing seemed to work and I felt they weren’t working me as hard as they have in the past. My eating wasn’t  good as it could be and many factors that play into weight. It was a difficult decision to go someplace else and there were a number of places to choose from. I realize today I made the right decision. Thank you so much!!
— Grace C.
Thanks Judy and just wanted to let you know that I lost another 3.6 lbs this week totaling 15 lbs since January 1st. I didn’t think my body could do that anymore and had given up on me.
— Rose Marie