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Fast (Real-Clean) Food Recipe Book

by Judy Torel's Coaching and Training Studio

Whole food based recipes for individuals trying to eat grain-free, dairy free, sugar free and chemical free- yet who have minimal time to spend in the kitchen. These recipes are quick, easy, taste great and are healthy. Fast real and clean foods!

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Hormonal Balance Weight Loss Menu

I have had tremendous success with helping women 45+ (peri-through post menopause) successfully lose weight following a balanced sustainable macronutrient plan based on controlled portions, macronutrient balance and evenly timed meals throughout the day.  You can purchase my most successful menu outline here. 

It contains a 3-5 breakfasts, lunches, mini-meals, dinners and sweet snacks that are hormonally friendly for weight loss when estrogen levels are changing/changed and other digestional hormones react differently than at earlier stages of life. 

You can purchase and follow this independently or package a 30 min phone consultation to help assure success!

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Phone consultation add-on

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Think This Not That: Reprogram Your Thinking For Weight Loss

Coming Soon!!

Everyone knows that you can be taught a healthy weight loss eating plan, yet still watch yourself fail at following it. There are mental scripts running in our heads under our level of consciousness which have been repeated until they become patterns that get in the way of you following the plan.

You may wonder if you are weak-willed; in reality, these patterns are so embedded that we don’t see them anymore as they sabotage our efforts to improve ourselves.

In this e-book, you will read about the most common thinking patterns that block adherence to your weight loss program, read a case study of a client and how it operated in his/her life, and then learn the replacement thought that will render the old one incapacitated. Then, you can begin practicing the replacement until it has enough repetitions that it now becomes the default thinking pattern.

Knowing what to do is not enough: learning new thinking patterns will actually get you to change the habits that are blocking your weight loss! "Think This, Not That" has been desperately needed to compliment a weight loss eating program, and with this e-book you will finally be given the tools to FOLLOW the plan you know would work if you could just get yourself to DO it!!


An Athlete's Guide to Practices for Recovery and Injury-Free Endurance Sport Performance

Endurance athletes are experts at pushing their limits and maintaining high training volume.  But all that exercise can take its toll if you are not simultaneously performing "hygiene" behaviors that balance and reverse the negative effects of training such as inflammation, muscle fatigue and muscular-skeletal imbalances. 

This ebook provides a thumbnail outline of what is currently viewed as the most effective practices for insuring your body can continue to perform at optimal levels while avoiding injury and training downtime.

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Menopause and Weight Loss

by Judy Torel's Coaching and Training Studio

Are you in peri/menopause and finding that it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain your weight?  Do you find that you are gaining belly weight even if you have never carried it there before?  Does it seem like the more you try to exercise and the less you try to eat, the more weight you seem to be gaining??

This e-document will explain why this is happening and give you specific guidelines for eating, exercise and cortisol/stress reduction so that you can reverse the weight gain.  What has worked for you in the past, will not work now.  Women in menopause have to follow a criteria that is different than what is currently recommended for younger women and men.  This e-doc will show you what YOU need to be doing to lose the fat!

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This video package is the perfect solution for women 45+ who wants to take my Menopause and Weight Loss Program but who live outside of The Capital District of New York OR are unable to attend the evening group sessions.  The video sessions have been designed so you can follow as if you are participating with the group.

What you receive:

  • 4 videos that you watch at the beginning of each week so you can take the program as if you are participating in the weekly group
  • All the printed materials to follow the video information and the program each week
  • Guidelines for how to track your weight loss progress
  • Access to my exercise vignettes which can be followed at home or in a gym for the all-important muscle development component of the program

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Facebook Special Invitation Closed Groups

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Non-public closed groups on Facebook.  I currently have 3 in which I blog to specific needs/interests of the designated sub-population.  These are informative and also a forum for exchange between other members.  You can become a member of one or several of the groups for $25 activation fee per group by clicking below:

  • Judy Torel’s Menopause and Weight Loss Group:  $25 activation fee
  • Judy Torel’s Weight Loss for 45+ Group (men and women):  $25 activation fee
  • Judy Torel’s Endurance Athlete Group:  $25 activation fee
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